what is a pre workout ?

What is a pre workout ? It’s a dietary supplement specially designed for training. It improves congestion, activity intensity, energy, and also cognitive faculties and concentration.

There are several formulas of pre workout, according to the manufacturers, in order to give a complete contribution to the sportsmen before going to train. We find mixing complexes, amino acids or BCAA, creatine, carbohydrate complexes, arginine, vitamins and minerals, guarana, caffeine and other plants.

The purpose of these mixtures is to produce a synergy between each of these supplements to give a maximum boost and pump effect during training.

Why take a pre workout ?

After a day at work or a period of stress, a pre workout helps to regain energy and concentration to attack training with all the energy possible.

It will help you reduce the rest time between each series, do one or two additional repetitions at the end of the exercise, and therefore help you to push back your training and your performance.

They are suitable for all types of athletes, bodybuilders, combat sports, strength or endurance sports.

Be careful, however, some pre workout may contain carbohydrates which are not suitable for a muscle definition preparation, it also depends on your nutrition and training plan.

What hay between a pre workout ?

The pre workout contain different complex and active ingredient:

  • NOX or nitric oxide: to give better congestion and nitrogen production, help in protein synthesis.
  • Creatine: to increase strength and endurance, energy production.
  • BCAA: for their ability to synthesize protein and nourish muscle tissue during training.
  • Fructose/dextrose: slow sugar complex to provide energy during training.
  • Taurine: present in many energy drinks, is an amino acid giving energy and a boost.
  • L Arginine: is a vasodilator, which helps to dilate blood vessels, provide more oxygen during exercise and better congestion.
  • L Carnitine: which helps to tap into the body to tap into fat reserves, during training.
  • Vitamin B6-B12, C, Guarana, Caffeine, Green tea, Black pepper,…

There are therefore many formulas, and we recommend that you adapt your pre between your goal and nutrition plan, there is no point in taking a pre workout during a cardio session. Some pre workout are not suitable for weight loss.

We therefore bring you our advice in our shop and our nutrition and training plans.

How take a pre workout ?

Most of the pre workout come in the form of a powder to be mixed in water, with different flavors (orange, cola, blueberry, peach tea, etc.) in a shaker.

There are also pre workout in the form of a capsule to swallow, for those who are tired of drinking shakers.

When take a boost ?

It depends on the composition of your complex.

There are two types of pre entry :

  • With active ingredient
  • Without active ingredient

With active ingredient: they generally contain cafein, taurine… which give a lot of energy for training. It is recommended not to take this type of pre workout 5 to 6 hours before going to bed.

Especially for people who are caffeine sensitive or already drink a lot of coffee or suffer from insomnia.

Also beware of people with heart problems, or pregnant or breastfeeding women.

Without active ingredient: which does not contain stimulants such as caffeine etc. and therefore makes it possible to reinforce training, without causing discomfort when sleeping.

It is also recommended not to always take the same pre workout, and take breaks, so as to let the body rest and not get used to the same product.

Some of these complexes are also good for intellectual occupations requiring great concentration.

Ask us for advice in our shop or by following our personalized nutrition and training plans.