Frequent questions

Frequent questions

Do you have questions? please find the FAQ below

When making the purchase, a questionnaire will arrive in your mail, a measurement sheet, which you must fill out and send to me along with 3 photos, front, back and profile. The photos must be of good quality, and the information you provide me as accurate as possible.

Nothing happens, you can contract your planning from anywhere in the world, and we will send it to you by mail, within the agreed delivery periods.

You must be of legal age (18 years old), if not, you must let us know, to send you an authorization, since we will need the permission of your legal guardian, with his data and signature, which authorizes us to be able to work together.

Yes, of course, all our plans are exclusively adapted to each of our clients, in this case we have the experience of being able to design a plan totally adapted to this stage of your life.

Of course yes, we will adapt your planning without any problem, you just have to specify your type of disability in the initial mail and questionnaire.

Once the plans are sent, there is no refund of money, in the case of packs of 6 months and one year, they can be paralyzed due to force majeure for a period of time, being able to resume it when you decide or your circumstances allow it, within the same contracted year.

In the online reviews you can tell me about it and if the change is feasible, we will do it without any problem.

If you notify us with the respective documentation, we will paralyze your maximum plan for a period of 1 year, until your health improves and you can resume the advice.

You just have to specify it in the initial questionnaire.

You do not need any preparation, since we will adapt your plan according to your level or this physical. As for clothing, it should be comfortable and especially sports shoes.

Another method of payment would be by bank transfer, we would give you our bank details and once done, you must send us the proof of payment by mail.

It all depends on the level of training you want to carry out, if you are a beginner, with elastic bands, gluteal band, and some dumbbells, we could start.

No, training at home can be perfectly adapted, everything also depends on the level of training you have and the results you want to achieve.

As a general rule, the advisers are carried out in Spanish, but we could also do it in English.

By mail.

Depending on the time difference, we would agree on the one that would be relatively better for both of us.

As a general rule between 3-5 business days for new plans, for rectifications of revisions between 2-3 business days, and may vary due to some specific circumstance that would be communicated in advance.

We would go directly to the next review date (two weeks later). Except for a specific and punctual reason previously communicated in the previous review.

Yes, we have specific programs to promote this area.