Cookie management

What is a cookie and its purpose?

A “Cookie” is a small text file that your browser deposits in your browser when you visit the site. It contains information related to the navigation of your terminal on the site.

Only the issuer of the cookie in question is likely to read or modify the information contained in it.

Cookies are used to recognize your browser during the validity period of the cookie in question.

Some cookies are essential for the use of the site, in particular the payment cycle.

Others allow you to optimize the use of the site and thus allow you to measure and analyze the frequency and use of the platform, its sections and services offered.

What cookies does the platform use?

The platform only uses three types of cookies

  1. Your own cookies necessary for the proper functioning of the site as explained above,
  2. Google Analytics G4 cookies to compile site visit statistics.
  3. Cookies linked to the payment solutions offered.