When to go to a sports nutritionist?

If your sports practice is regular and intensive, a visit to a sports nutritionist will quickly become necessary. Your nutritional balance and the effective adaptation of your diet will help you feel better about your body.

For what type of athlete?

You don’t have to be an elite athlete to see a nutritionist; As soon as your practice of sport is intensive (more than three or four hours a week), your diet will play an important role in your training. Without a competent and efficient person, how do you know what diet, what food orientation to adopt, how many foods to consume or even what products to select? Therefore, a nutritionist fits perfectly into a somewhat elaborate training program. You will quickly discover that with regular follow-up from a nutritionist, seriously modifying your diet, the progress of it will be visible quite quickly. Know that all athletes are affected by nutritional problems: cycling, climbing, tennis, team sports… but also, of course, endurance sports such as running; Coming to a marathon without following serious nutritional preparation is equivalent to going straight for the wall.

What goal should you set?

A nutritionist can help you at different levels, for example:

  • Playing sports with a dietary requirement (gluten-free, lactose-free, vegetarian diet)
  • gain muscle mass
  • Lose weight

A typical sports nutritionist program

First, you can tell your nutritionist your goal, your profile and your expectations. You will describe your sports practice and your projects in terms of competition (preparing for a tournament or a marathon, etc.)

Your nutritionist will ask you a complete series of questions about your eating habits, your schedule, your weight, if you have any food allergies, and of course your general health…

Once these elements have been determined, the nutritionist will work with you to establish an appropriate eating program. Sometimes it will even give you recipes that you and those around you will love! Modified dissociated diet, ketogenic diet, Scandinavian diet… which one suits you best? You will then practice regular follow-up with your nutritionist, to assess the progress made and set new goals.

My Approach to Diet and Nutrition

Dietetics is a science to learn how to correctly balance your diet and understand how to adapt the quantity and quality according to the needs of your body.

The objective is to adopt good life habits, for this you need a coach and a personalized and simple program that you can follow for a more or less long period depending on the evolution of your life, your work and your goals that can also evolve.

You have to start by putting aside all forms of “fad” diets that make you believe in miracles!! Because they will stop doing it after a few months, because eliminating food or unbalancing the diet is not the solution to stay healthy for life. Most of the latest “diets” invented to lose weight quickly have caused many health problems. In addition, the benefit is never maintained for a long time because too much restriction and fatigue, eating the same thing all the time with quantities not adapted to the needs does not allow you to learn to eat well and above all it eliminates the notion of food of pleasure. . To avoid falling into this trap, you must follow a program that takes into account your lifestyle habits and spend time understanding the role of food in establishing good healthy lifestyle habits thanks to the coaching of a Dietitian-Nutritionist health professional.

How is the diet program organized?

My program consists of teaching you to adapt and balance your diet according to your needs. It is necessary to respect frequencies and quantities so that essential nutrients reach your body. However, the notion of pleasurable food should never be forgotten, so we do not take away food, it is a matter of balance throughout the week.

This program also allows you to work preventively because certain excesses that, depending on your predispositions, can lead to the appearance of certain pathologies (metabolic syndrome, diabetes, hypercholesterolemia, hypertriglyceridemia, heart and kidney pathologies), and of course avoiding the obligation to take medication for life

What is the nutrition?

Nutrition is defined as the science that analyzes the relationship between food and health, dietetics incorporates a cultural dimension linked to eating practices. Nutrition is the science that studies food and its effects on human beings, while dietetics is the study of all the rules that should govern the feeding of human beings.

We will look precisely at your profile to understand certain physiological dysfunctions (the functioning of your body) to enjoy good health. That is, it works against the current so that your body works well. To do this, we must look at your genetic heritage, your predispositions, but also the accumulation of bad lifestyle habits (diet, organization, sedentary lifestyle, etc.), or taking pharmacological treatments.


Diet is the most natural way to maintain or regain your healthy weight, preserve or improve your health.

Do you have weight problems, feeling of physical and mental tiredness?

Do you want effective and lasting changes?

Stop the yoyo effect and restrictive diets.

Contact me or look at a 1 month diet plan to get started… you will regain vitality and want to go further!!